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Cachexia: A systemic consequence ofprogressive, unresolved disease

Miriam Ferrer, Tracy G. Anthony, Janelle S. Ayres, Giulia Biffi, Justin C. Brown, Bette J. Caan, Elizabeth M. Cespedes Feliciano, Anthony P. Coll, Richard F. Dunne, Marcus D. Goncalves, Jonas Grethlein, Steven B. Heymsfield, Sheng Hui, Mariam Jamal-Hanjani, Jie Min Lam, David Y. Lewis, David McCandlish, Karen M. Mustian, Stephen O’Rahilly, Norbert Perrimon, Eileen P. White and Tobias Janowitz.

To read the article follow the link below:

Cachexia--A-systemic-consequence-of-progressive,-unresolved disease
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