Quality: Quality constitutes the cornerstone of every activity, process, service and product of our company. We, continuously, try to improve the quality of our products and services focusing on the needs of patients, their relatives and caregivers, health professionals, our collaborators and the community.
Respect for People: We develop and we promote a corporate culture where the premier position is the respect to all our fellows. The reciprocal respect constitutes priority in our interior and exterior environment (patients, relatives of patients, health professionals, colleagues, collaborators, community) without exclusions and discriminations.
Collaboration and Solidarity: The team work and the synergy constitute our priorities. We seek for the contribution and the participation of everyone who is concerned in our decisions, processes and activities. We promote the communication and the equivalent dialog and we are all equivalent responsible for the accomplishment of our common decisions and the achievement of our common objectives.
Integrity and Responsibility: We program, we plan and function with the higher moral and ethical standards, with integrity and responsibility for our products and services for the benefit of patients, their relatives, health professionals, our collaborators and the society.
Social Behavior: We constitute, as company but also as individuals, inextricable part of our society. We undertake, with consistency and reliability, our role and responsibility for the social growth. We plan and program our activities with methodology and our objective is the positive impact of all our operations on our collaborators and the society. We respect the human dignity, the nature and the environment. We support and are supported by the society of citizens. We function with absolute transparency and modern corporate governing. We consider that the bigger profit is what results for the society.
High Performance and Leading Behavior: The continuous improvement of our effectiveness and efficiency constitutes one among our most important objectives. We work for the establishment of highest qualitative, moral and ethical standards, the application of the National and European legislation, the respect in our fellows. Our corporate culture, our efforts for the improvement of the society, the growth of Greek Society and the National Economy render us as responsible social partners. We act in order to inspire our values and to transmit our corporate culture in all the social teams with which we collaborate.