We practice our Values. We believe that our Mission is not limited in the narrow limits of our company, in our colleagues, in our collaborators, in the health professionals and in the patients but is also extended in the society in which we belong.

We encourage, we support and we participate actively in Programs and Activities that concern the nature and the environment, the society and the national economy.

Environment: We attend so all our activities minimize the environmental impacts and the circle of life of our products. We make reasonable use of natural resources.
Health Professionals: We support and grant abundance of programs and activities (congresses, meetings, publications, etc) that are organized by scientific organizations of health professionals. We support a number of clinics, hospitals and institutions that deal with research, diagnosis and treatment.
Patients, Relatives and Caregivers: We support and grant abundance of programs and activities (congresses, meetings, publications etc) that they are organized by Associations of Patients or other Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations concerning Health Promotion and Prevention. We, also, support and grant Programs of Treatment and Rehabilitation, as well as Programs of Support of Patients and Caregivers.
Society: We attend to be a reliable and responsible corporate citizen. We support and we grant Programs for Support and Integration of Disabled and Social Excluded Groups. We contribute in the growth of our society, in which we belong, and as well the national economy.